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Marketing communications

Design & marketing communications

Communiquer has over 25 years experience in marketing communications. The bulk of our activity is now online, but we have also considerable expertise in design for print and print management, photography, video, copywriting and corporate identity.

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Online communications

Communiquer's principal sector of activity is online
  • Websites, templates, landing pages
  • Product & promotional videos
  • Custom web apps
  • e-Mailings
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We provide photographic services that include custom portraits, architecture and corporate activity images as well as search, acquisition and management of photographic rights using image banks
  • Portrait & location photography
  • Custom corporate images
  • Image rights management
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Our roots were initially in design for print: brochures, company reports, advertising. We continue to design & produce printed materials for our clients:
  • Annual reports
  • Brochures
  • Product information
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From a simple interview through to a corporate video
  • Video recording, sound, lighting
  • Post-production
  • Voice-over & subtitles
  • Multilingual versions
  • Animations including images, text, voice, music...
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We offer a full range of writing and translation skills for your online or printed needs.
  • Product documentation
  • Advertising
  • Annual reports
  • Localisation and translation