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Websites, landing pages and micro-sites

We have produced a wide range of websites ranging from single-page micro-sites through to database driven sites requiring frequent updating.

Amadeus landing page templates

A series of Eloqua templates to facilitate the creation of landing pages. We created templates for general use, webinars, polls and surveys and provided support to users in the initial implementation phase.

Landing page template 1 Landing page template webinar

Amadeus Ticket Changer

We produced Amadeus Ticket Changer websites in 9 languages for 26 countries working closely with local markets to ensure that the localised versions meet their requirements. We also localised embedded videos when the markets requested this. The examples below are for Turkey (left) and Ukraine (right).

ATC Turkey ATC Ukraine

Amadeus Ancillary Services

We created individual country versions of the existing Ancillary Services site that could easily be updated locally by simple html/css changes. We fully localized the sites (texts, banners, navigation) in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Polish and Czech.

Ancillary English Ancillary Polish

Amadeus microsites

Responsive microsites for various Amadeus products and services.

eSky landing page TTN landing page

Amadeus Portfolio Essentials

Amadeus Portfolio Essentials provides information on Amadeus products and services for travel agents. It was developed as a stand-alone, custom-built website using avanced spreadsheet functions to manage a data base that generates xml feeds to the website. First launched in 2012, the site became a privileged resource before being absorbed into the Amadeus corporate website in 2017.

Amadeus Portfolio Essentials

Amadeus Ticket Changer Suite value calculator

The value calculator enables users to enter information about time spent on ticket changes (online/offline, call centre changes, back-office) and get a list of time and cost savings by each element of the Ticket Changer Suite.

Amadeus Agency Insight Productivity Tracker